T.H.E Conference Plug and My Boy Who Fits in The Box

2014conferencelogoThe weather is finally a nice spring weather. I have been enjoying my bike rides outside. The 6th Annual Torah Home Education Conference is almost upon us. For those who have not attended, it is such an amazing experience! Aside from the wonderful lectures and chizuk (inspiration) from the various speakers, I there are no words to describe finally meeting various people we meet through the internet. If you have not yet signed up, please do so now! (And below also find my little blurb on The Box.)

The 6th Annual Torah Home Education Conference will take place, G-d willing, on Sunday, May 25 2014. The conference opens with check-in at 8:15 AM with complimentary morning refreshments and concludes at 6:00 PM.

 A kosher catered lunch will be served. The cost is $15 per meal and can be purchased along with your registration. .

Vendors will be on hand to display and sell the materials they’ve created to enhance your Torah homeschooling experience. It will be possible to visit these vendors from the lunch period through the end of the day.

Our confirmed speakers are Avivah Werner, Nechama Cox, Leah Fine, Dena Schweitzer, Chai Gross, and many, many others.  We will have sessions on Hebrew for the Homeschooling Parent , High School/College/Yeshiva/Seminary preparation, Home with a Pre-schooler?, Homeschooling your Child with Special Needs, Schedules and your Homeschool, a Teen Panel and The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly:  What Happens When It Doesn’t Go as Planned!?, as well as talks by homeschooling fathers and communal rabbis.

Sign up today here – http://www.eventbee.com/v/2014theconference


The Box 2bWe know how different each child is, even children from the same family. I have recently talked about putting (or not putting) children in Boxes, especially for their schooling, but what do you do with a child who actually does fit in The Box? You let him sleep in it of course! He told me he had a really good sleep. 😀