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This is just the beginning of a huge list!  Check back later for more links! I have not used all these links.
(*Some of these links are mainly for me for I want to have a list of my links, so some will not apply to most.)

Charlotte Mason Curricula
Ambleside Online –
Simply Charlotte Mason –
The Well-Trained Mind –

Room613 School –
Shluchim Online School –
Jewish Learning Online School – – an after-school program related to the Shluchim Online School – – Torah U’Mesorah – Free.
Web Yeshiva – – Free.
Hebrew Books – – a huge selection of out of copyright Hebrew kodesh books to download for free.
Living Books –

Learning Trope
Learn Trope  –

Secular Curricula
Calvert School
Time4Learning –
Khan Academy – – a site of free instructional videos with games, quizzes, etc that can be used.  Teacher accounts can add student accounts and you can track what each child does and how well they do.  All free!

AP and MIT High School/College Classes AP Chemistry Honors Physics Honors Organic Chemistry Alg, Geom, Alg 2, PreCalc (less expensive but identical products are available on Amazon) AP Calc, AP Stats, AP Eng – MIT Open Courseware — Free High School and University level courses available through MIT A list of Homeschool friendly colleges in United States (many are Christian, but not all.) Genesee Community College – Batavia, NY – Homeschool program Houghton Community College, Houghton, NY – Homeschool FAQ – Free online courses given by schools such as Rice University, Princeton University, Duke University and the University of Edinburgh

Math Resources A list of Living Books and stories that can be used to teach and/or reinforce various mathematical skills.
Dad’s Worksheets – – – Similar to the link above with many shared links.
Starfall – now also has math for beginners.
IXL – is a math website, they do charge.

Starfall – – beginning phonics reading. Free.
The Baldwin Project – – great source of free children’s classics and other out of copyright books for children
Many Books – – great resource of free books.  Books can be download as either a .pdf or basically any eReader format.
Project Gutenberg –  http://www.gutenberg.orgoffers over 39,000 free ebooks
Google Books – – has huge selection of free ebooks to view and download as well as previews of many copyrighted books as well so you can see what the book is like before you decide to buy it.

Audio Books
Books Should Be Free – – audios of books in the public domain
Librivox – – audios of books in the public domain

Super Charged Science  – by Aurora Lipper
Home School Science – by Stratton House.  Offers a box of lessons and experiments with everything you need.

Social Studies
History Curriculum for Homeschool – – free to read online, or you can purchase the books at very very reasonable prices (ie. $2 dollars will give you a .pdf, MOBI for Kindle as well as an epub for other tablets of the book for you to do with as you like, including printing off the. pdf at home or otherwise.)  They have lists of their books for AO as well as other curricula. – – You are allowed to order one free DVD per year, (free shipping as well!).  They have videos on various Social Studies topics.  Each DVD includes a teacher’s lesson plan on it.  You are encouraged to share DVD with other teachers (including homeschooling teachers.)  The only request is that you fill out a quick feedback form on the DVD you received so that you can order another free video the next year.  They are continuously adding new videos.  The DVD’s are also available for purchase.  The DVD’s are short – usually around 10-15 minutes each.  We have liked all the ones we received so far (4 I think.)

Links to Specific Books
Smooth and Easy Days – – Free book about raising children with CM philosophies

Misc. – Places to download pages to learn from
Enchanted Learning –
Activity Village –
BrainPop! –
Currclick –  – A place to purchase ebooks/unit studies/lapbooks/etc and audios to teach

BSA Lone Scout –

Planning tools
Donna Young’s homeschool Planners and How To’s –

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